Alexander O'neal



Alexander O'neal
"Self Titled"


Alexander O'neal
"Saga of a Married Man "


Alexander O'neal


Alexander O'neal
"Love Makes no Sense "



Alexander O'neal
"Lovers Again "


Alexander O'neal
"This thing Called Love "


Alexander O'neal Biography

This Minneapolis soul man cut his teeth in The Time but was
bounced (for looking "too Black") before they signed with
Warner Brothers. His tough, ballsy voice has the same grain and
range as Otis Redding's. Like that master, Alexander O'Neal is comfortable
with pumping dance-floor burners and slinky couch-cuddlers. Alexander O'Neal
is certainly the best singer Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have ever
produced, and the strength of his material and his robust voice
can be heard on releases including 1986's Hearsay, 1991's All
True Love and 1997's Lovers Again. Alexander O'Neal relocated to Britain, where his efforts had always been better received, and began to set
up permanent shop there. His first British-only release, 2002's
Saga of a Married Man, showed him developing into a smoother and
more mature singer compared to his previous output. Alexander O'Neal has also released classic albums such as Hearsay, Alexander O'Neal, Love Makes No Sense, Lovers Again, This Thing Called Love.

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