David Josias
"Ghetto Love"


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"Ghetto Love " Track Samples


1. What goes Around
8.It's a Shame
2. Aint Gone Trip
9. Get Off Ten
3. Much Love
10. Handle That
4. I Got You
11. Anything For You
5. Ghetto Love
12.Young Love
6. Don't U Forget
13. Woo
  7. Mindblowin
14. Much Love

By most accounts, David Josias had it all. A successful independent launch of his hit single, “Mindblowin” in 1995, followed by the fierce persuance by the majors. It appeared apparent that David was headed to the big leagues. But rumors of David's negative behavior swirled around him like a constant cloud of dust, with new his record company, Lava/Atlantic cancelling the release before the ink was dry. The Atlantic debacle took it's toll on the relationship between David and his longtime friend and mentor, Bobby Francavillo. Getting resigned amist such termoil proved impossible. Aside from occasional local self releases, we didn’t hear much from David Josias. Well, questions of “where has he been” can finally be answered, and met with the strong reply of “it’s about time.” Now at the age of 26, David Josias is back in a new groove with his first new single, “Ain’t Gone Trip”. The kicker is that he's also back with the label that was first to believe. That's right, he's back with Francavillo and imi, and their fusion has recaptured that energy that was once evident on “Mindblowin” and now even more explosive on this current intoxicating cd entitled “Ghetto Love”.

This new album reflects upon his tough times and he addresses that time in his life when he wasn’t able to write, more starkley stated as a time when he couldn’t write. With such songs as “Much Love”, David pays tribute to those who have paved the way. He has strong messages which can be heard throughout the album, particularly in the single “Don’t You Forget”. Talking with David, it is evident that he has a lot to say. It would be easy to assume that David dropped out of sight just because he was disappointed and felt jaded. However, upon spending time speaking with him, you find that after regrouping, David expresses a positive view regarding this time in his life. Though perceived as difficult, he reflects a different picture, one of being a “more spiritual David”. He refers to his hiatus as a learning and growing experience and refers to God as the major source. This is clearly revealed in this powerful quote from David, “Through God, the word of God, I was able to direct even the anger I had in a positive way by working on this album... to come back and say I wasn’t given just one shot, that I’m not a one hit wonder.”

Perhaps one of David's biggest supporters is the one that might of had the biggest problem with him in the past."What appeared to the outside was that Atlantic killed the release because of David's behavior. David is no more difficult than any artist that has clear vision of what he wants. We are all passionate about things we love. David loves his music. I'm the one who forced the deal with Lava. Jason (Flom, President of Lava) had the best of intentions, and saw the big picture in David. But he wasn't ready to deal with the dynamics an R&B promotion division". Which gave into him having second thoughts before entering into the multi-genre world. That's okay, he didn't do too shabby, (Matchbox 20, Sugar Ray, Kid Rock). David and imi were simply caught in the middle. And when they dropped it, everyone figured it must be David. Issues of David's behavior was a conveinience, and totally blown out of proportion. "I'm back because I saw him getting a raw deal, and to let a talent like this slip through the cracks, based only on conjecture,
to me, would be a sin", says Francavillo. David does not easily fit into just one category and he doesn’t want to. He has his own style and is straight to the point. He describes it as “universal, sort of like a hip-hop attitude in an R&B world.” The music on “Ghetto Love” hits deep. His words portray somebody who has struggled and seen what can happen when you get lost among, money, jewels, and fancy cars.

From seeing friends hit the bottom and experiencing turbulence, David has a message to get across to his audience. David believes in success, yet he doesn’t believe in all the posing and “flossing”. To him,
money, jewelry, and such don’t make the person. He is not about that. This theme can be found in “Get Off 10” and especially in “Ghetto Love”... ”Would you still roll, would you still hang if I didn't have no money”. He asks, “would you still show me love?” David has been there and hopes to be able to help those who are enduring hard times. He can relate and lets us know that he knows how it is, as described in “I’ve Got You”. His message is out there waiting to be heard. He does not tell you this is the way to do things. He is merely saying that this is what worked for him. Like in "Handle That" he is hoping his better half is up to the challange in life and love, and stressing the importance of taking the negative and the downfalls and turning them into something positive. If there’s one thing he wants us to know, it’s that he’s real, true to himself, true to his craft, that God is first in his life...he’s a “God fearing man”. David Josias combines smooth grooves with thought provoking lyrics and explores relationships, love, and everyday life. The best way of understanding David and his music is found in this statement: ”I have a love, a true love for this game...almost like being tested to prove that I was really what I was saying I was and that God gave me a chance, a second chance to prove that.

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