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Alexander O'neal
Cornell Stone

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He's certainly the best singer Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have ever produced His tough, ballsy voice has the same grain and range as Otis Redding's. Like that master, O'Neal is comfortable with pumping dance-floor burners and slinky couch-cuddlers.

Passionate, powerful and sensuous, are thoughts that immediately surface when listening to the smooth sounds of Cornell Stone. His baritone voice and ear-piercing falsetto are relaxing to the mind and irresistible to the soul.

David Josias Bernard Lilton
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David Josias is back in a new groove combining smooth grooves with thought provoking lyrics and explores relationships, love, and everyday life. His words portray somebody who has struggled and seen what can happen when you get lost among, money, jewels, and fancy cars. 
His style combines a rich gospel base with a clever twist of pop and R&B sweetness making the talented 22 year old a truly superb and dynamique vocalist. He has worked with greats such as New Edition, Shawn, Tevin Cambell, The Gambles, Tyrese Gibson and the legendary Leon Haywood.
The Phat Cat Players Vaneese Thomas
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The music on the disc is a wide range of sound made up of jazz, R&b, Hip Hop, even a little poetry/spoken word is thrown in the mix. This is some of the best violin work ever with a funky Soul II Soul style bass. The soulful music, lyrics, essence, and poetry gets deep down into your soul.
Vaneese was raised at St. John Baptist Church in Memphis, TN and her Christian witness has been life-long. She has given of her talent as minister of music at several churches. She founded a professional singers' group in New York to minister at hospitals, nursing homes and prisons.
9t9 Percent Tony Ransom
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Their music ranges from banging up-tempos to heartfelt ballads. The one constant theme throughout the demo is the group’s ability to make each song a hit with their classic vocal harmonies, and today’s energetic rhythms.

Is he a house/club vocal powerhouse, a crooner with a total showman’s style, a background singer who’s presence is insisted upon by the greats, a lead Chicago jingle singer, or a songwriter? Answer yes to all, and now add in the best part… one of the most gifted R&B vocal artists around as proven on his new CD release “Make Room For Love”.


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